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Vajra Wellbeing is an organization run by professionals and activists with a vision to help individuals to manage stress effectively and enhance their productivity.  We explored Yoga, martial arts, philosophy, physical, natural and social sciences to come up with useful programs for both individuals and institutions.Our explorations crystallized into an easy to learn system that could be effortlessly incorporated in the daily routine of professionals complaining lack of time for practice in their busy schedule.



A world  of happiness with healthy people


  • Conducting Stress Management Programs For Students , Professional , And Others
  • Providing Fitness Programs For Individuals And Groups
  • Yoga Programs Including Yoga Therapy For All Age Groups
  • Meditation Camps For Groups

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured…


Ashtanga Yoga Trainer


Aerial Yoga Trainer


Hatha Yoga Trainer

Vajra Enhance

A healthy body and cool mind is everybody's dream in the stressful journey of postmodern life. Now people are earning well in 6 digits but amplified competition and subsequent stress cause burnout and early aging. The exhaustion ruins the happiness in personal life and performance in the profession life.This creates an easily agitating, emotionally disturbed and medically dependent human resource that lacks mental and physical strength.

Vajra Enhance

‘Vajra Enhance’ is a training programthat imparts enough knowledge to manage stress that built over a day by doing 30 minutes of Vajrahpractice every day. Apart from training on Vajrah system the program will enhance your physical and cognitive capabilities.


3 Day – weekend Residential program
3 Day – Non-Residential program


The program is set in the scenic, peaceful and exclusive venues around Bengaluru, Karnataka and Thrissur, Kerala.

Explore ‘Vajra Enhance’, the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern science for achieving harmony of body and mind.

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